“It's easy to teach you how to copy a look, I am going to teach you how to CREATE a look!”

Tanielle Jai has collated her 16 years of makeup knowledge into one course to equip you with the skills to not only learn the HOW-TO’s of makeup but also all the reasons why.

  • Makeup Demystified

    Do you want to stop feeling like a deer in headlights whenever you walk into a makeup store? Get the confidence to walk in and know what you’re talking about and get exactly what you came for. Stop wasting money on products that just don’t work for you.

  • Unlock your Colours

    Do you want to find that perfect foundation match? A blush that makes you flush? A lip colour that makes you feel alive? Take this Colour Class with Tanielle to unlock all your makeup questions. Find your colour palette!

  • The Underlying Why

    Learn how to take your makeup game to the next level. It’s not about adding a thousand layers, it’s all about your choice of colours, textures and placement. Let me show you just how simple it is to snatch that face.

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Do you want to learn:

  • How to change up your makeup with the ever-changing seasons, your age and fashion trends?

  • How to understand your face through identifying your face shape and size, your undertone, skin tone, eye colour, eye shape, skin type and texture?

  • All about your skin type and looking after your skin? We chat to our skin specialist who gives all the secrets to skin!

  • Why you should choose a particular product out of the billions of products out there?

  • How to play with makeup to enhance your mood and communicate a certain version of yourself?

  • The knowledge you need to have the confidence to walk into a makeup store knowing exactly what you're looking for?

  • The makeup must-knows; how to set up and store your kit, the best lighting for makeup application and what to do with old expired makeup?

  • How to choose the right hues for you, understand colour theory and how that translates to your skin and eyes.

  • The 5 key factors you need to knows to get a perfect foundation match.

  • Where you need to place your eyeshadow, liner, lashes and what textures to use to best enhance what you’ve got?

Module 1: Introduction to Makeup

Regardless of your past experience, this module teaches you all the must-knows about starting your makeup journey.

We discuss makeup brushes, how to care for them, hold them and the pressure you use to apply, makeup expiry dates, makeup lighting and makeup storage as well as the stages of makeup - what’s necessary and what’s not.

Module 2: Hues + You

Remember art class in school? We take it to a whole new level.

Understanding basic Colour Theory will help you discover more about yourself. Find out your skin undertone to unlock your most natural colour palette - Skin, cheeks, eyes and lips. This will make you see colours in a whole new way!

Module 3: The Base Basics

The Base Basics aren’t so basic. Module 3 will help you to eliminate all the products you don’t need and all the products you do need.

We look at the skin and the ageing face. Prepping the skin and priming the skin. Choosing the right coverage and texture for your foundation, concealer and powders. Choosing our makeup mood - looking at how product textures, colours and placements can tell a story. The difference between Bronzing, Contouring, Brightening, Highlighting and Blush placement. Discover your face shape to help you understand more about your product placement!

Module 4: Art of the Eyes

Every eye is so individual. There’s not just one box that your eye shape will sit in.

We discuss the six different aspects of your eyes to help you understand where it’s best to place your eyeshadow, liner and lashes as well as choose textures to best enhance what you’ve got!

Module 5: Putting it all into practice

We’ll be putting everything you have learnt into practice.

In this final module Tanielle Jai demonstrates how to achieve a range of unique looks on 7 diverse models.

About the instructor

Tanielle Jai

Professional Makeup Artist

Tanielle Jai is a professional makeup artist based in Brisbane, Australia. With over 16 years experience, she is renowned for her signature soft glam aesthetic and beautiful bronze glows. Having worked commercially with some of the worlds most iconic fashion and beauty brands, Tanielle is considered a leading educator and influencer in modern makeup techniques and application. From campaign shoots to live in-person advanced education, she is a wealth of commercial makeup experience and expertise.